Public health experts agree that high filtration respirator masks are the best way to protect communities, and nothing compares to PURE-MSK masks when it comes to protection, breathability, comfort, and design. Made from nanofiber, one of the most technologically advanced filtration materials, PURE-MSK masks provide the highest level of protection from harmful airborne particulates.

PURE-MSK masks are breathable and lighter than a sheet of paper while still offering max protection, using nanofiber technology* to filter out more than 95% of particulate matter 0.3 micrometers (μm) in size. For perspective on relative size, one nanofiber strand (0.1μm) is 1,000 times smaller than a strand of human hair (100μm). The nanofiber pores block out harmful pollutants, smoke, allergens, bacteria, and even water while allowing for relatively unobstructed airflow through the mask. The nanofiber is virtually unaffected by the humidity and moisture of breathing. 

PURE-MSK is Nothing Short of a Game-Changer For Respirator Masks

Whether you’re a frontline worker or the casual everyday wearer, PURE-MSK meets your needs without sacrificing functionality or effectiveness. PURE-MSK sets a standard in mask design and all-day comfort while delivering filtration efficiency levels exceeding 95%.

You have a choice to make for your protection and the protection of those around you. Make the right one with PURE-MSK.