Premium design, comfort, and protection in one package.

The Benefits
Nanofiber Filtration

◎    Greater than 95% filtration efficiency

◎    Impossibly light and thin, yet durable

◎    Excellent breathability


The ultimate combination of technology and design for an everyday face mask.


Made in America

PURE-MSK is manufactured in Long Beach, California.

Slide We use cutting-edge nanofiber materials to manufacture face masks with excellent filtration that's comfortable and breathable. Cutting-edge
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Born in crisis. Answering the call. Made in America.

Each PURE-MSK nanofiber is impossibly small at 0.1μm, 1,000x smaller than the thickness of a strand of hair. Our nanofiber material is a three dimensional stacked web of nanofibers produced through a patented electrospinning process.  The interconnected and porous nanofibers have enormous surface area for its volume but also make the material ultra light 

PURE-MSK nanofiber masks provide industry leading performance and protection at a fraction of the weight of any competitor mask making for the most comfortable wearing experience.

PURE-MSK is manufactured using the latest, state of the art nanofiber technology, developed by one of the world’s leaders in nanofiber manufacturing research and innovation.

We proudly manufacture PURE-MSK in Long Beach, California, answering the call to bring significant production of critical personal protective equipment onshore. 

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